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13 Oct

Love is patient. Love is kind.


Selah Sue * This World

1 Apr

I’m home on a Saturday night. Pathetic? Maybe. But it’s raining and I think I’ve had a pretty successful evening. I’ve done a little organizing of some important paper work, wrote some positive affirmations on the chalkboard wall, and danced around the apartment for a good minute. This Selah Sue song was just one slice of the playlist that initiated this evenings invisible mic, hair flipping mirror action. Yup, I do that.

Holly Miranda * Waves

23 Mar

Ive had a major case of the insomnias lately. Which is funny cause I used to be able to fall asleep on the walk over to my bed, way before putting my head on any pillow. Guess things change. So for the past couple nights I’ve been able to fill my time with Draw Something. If you havent gotten on that movement yet, you need to. Its like Pictionary for your iPhone. It’s addicting to say the least and it has caused me to add one more OCD to my list. Clearing every game before going to bed. If you get on the movement, you’ll understand. That is if you don’t already. Tonight though, I needed music. I’m sure I have mentioned this before but one of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is chill on my couch and listen to music through my headphones. Sometimes for hours on end. Sometimes its new shit, sometimes its old. Sometimes its the same song on repeat, sometimes its an entire album. It’s whatever feels right. Tonight, an old song just found its way back into my world. You know those times when from out of the blue a song you loved so long ago magically comes back into your world and completely consumes you? It’s like a free ticket to a time machine. I love when that happens. Add that to another one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

Anyways, this song is kinda perfect for a late sleepless night. Mellow vibe, pretty vocals. I’m all about it for the second time around. I am so glad it found me.

Holly Miranda – Waves

Oh and here is my prized Draw Something art piece. I’m using my blog as a fridge. It deserves to be displayed.

Ariane Moffatt*In Your Body

11 Mar

Yeah, I know, I know. Its been a while. More than a while, actually. More like f’n forever. But hey, lets not dwell on the past and focus on the now. Right? Yeah? Ok, cool. Now that we got that out of the way. Here I am. Posting on my blog, buuuuuut what I’m really supposed to be doing is searching the world wide webs for songs to add to my weekly playlist over here. (I haven’t completely fallen off the dark side of the moon. You can still find me in the world of blogs) Anywho, like I said, I’m supposed to be searching, but instead I found this song and have yet to take it of repeat for the past 20 minutes. Since it has distracted me from my extensive search, I had to figure out a way to justify listening to it one more time. So, why not write a blog about it? And here I am. Writing. On my blog. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it more of a regular thing. Even if I fail though, thank you for staying fresh….

Side note: In my time away, I finally learned how to embed the song in the post. I have debuted it below. Annnnd if you right click and save as on the link, you’ve got yourself a new song. If you like it of course.

Ariane Moffatt – In Your Body

One more thing. The test of a true artist (in my opinion) is if they can blow a recorded version of their song outta the water with a live performance. Sadly, we all know not everyone can conquer this feat. But then there are the ones that do. Ariane Moffatt and her band kinda kill it in this video. I’m currently fighting an inner battle of which version I love more. I am,however, leaning towards the live drums….


12 Dec

So, I am not really one to point out faults, but Tony! Toni! Tone kinda got it wrong today. It’s a rainy day in LA. Which in short means its takes an hour and 45 minutes instead of an hour to drive 20 miles and there is a shit load of complaining from the residents who apparently melt with a drop of drizzle. You wont find me bitchin’ though. I love the rain and I know the drill. i.e. I didn’t straighten my hair today. See, I grew up in the Bay, where the fog and drizzle make thier home. And honestly, the rain couldn’t have come at a better time, ’cause the bout of occasional homesickness really got me good this past week. Even after 13 years of living 500 miles (or more) from my birth place. Now usually my rainy day playlists consist of Bon Iver and Sade, but this song found it’s way into my iPhone shuffle on my way to work this morning and it fit quite perfectly. I’m not gonna lie, the windshield wipers dancing to the beat was a real deal sealer, but hey it’s the little things, right? So for those of you who are a little Ann Peebles today (or Missy Elliot for the younger generation), you can download this song for free here and let the music color your gloomy day.

M A U S I – sol. from wearemausi on Vimeo.

Call Off the Search*Josh Kumra

4 Dec

You can call of the search. I’m still here. Quietly swoon-ing over undiscovered talent. This just happened to be the one to break the silence. Only thing is, there really are no other words necessary…

Australia*Conner Youngblood

6 Oct

11:41 PM. I have been staring at a Mac since 9:30 this morning. (R.I.P Mr. Jobs) Yet, instead of going straight to bed after 14 hours of “not me time”, I decided to write. Which means more staring at a Mac screen. As I finally rope in all my thoughts covered by the dust and tumbleweed of all the other things whirling around my brain today, its nice to sit down, reflect, and vent to the blogosphere. And what better way to do so then with some good ol’ music. I like to imagine music as a young strapping cowboy, riding along on his mighty horse into the sunset of melting red and orange crayons. Wistfully picking me up on the way, as the wind flys though my hair underneath my headphone headband. Not really though. I just had to tie in my tumbleweed reference above. I’m sure you are starting to see how I work by now. Anywho, It’s been 9 months since Connor Youngblood as strapped on his musical chaps, damnit. And I couldnt wait to get home to download it (some more starting at a Mac). But at this point, I don’t care about the staring. My brain is fried, my retnas burned by the light of a computer screen, but my ears, my ears are grabbing those Wrangler jean belt loops tightly….And that….was my cue to get my ass to bed.

But one more thing (ah the burn, the buuuuurn), go on ahead and LIKE this kid’s Facebook page. Support the indie and show him he is loved. His intricate simplicity paints my sky. Let him sharpie yours…..