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12 Dec

So, I am not really one to point out faults, but Tony! Toni! Tone kinda got it wrong today. It’s a rainy day in LA. Which in short means its takes an hour and 45 minutes instead of an hour to drive 20 miles and there is a shit load of complaining from the residents who apparently melt with a drop of drizzle. You wont find me bitchin’ though. I love the rain and I know the drill. i.e. I didn’t straighten my hair today. See, I grew up in the Bay, where the fog and drizzle make thier home. And honestly, the rain couldn’t have come at a better time, ’cause the bout of occasional homesickness really got me good this past week. Even after 13 years of living 500 miles (or more) from my birth place. Now usually my rainy day playlists consist of Bon Iver and Sade, but this song found it’s way into my iPhone shuffle on my way to work this morning and it fit quite perfectly. I’m not gonna lie, the windshield wipers dancing to the beat was a real deal sealer, but hey it’s the little things, right? So for those of you who are a little Ann Peebles today (or Missy Elliot for the younger generation), you can download this song for free here and let the music color your gloomy day.

M A U S I – sol. from wearemausi on Vimeo.


Call Off the Search*Josh Kumra

4 Dec

You can call of the search. I’m still here. Quietly swoon-ing over undiscovered talent. This just happened to be the one to break the silence. Only thing is, there really are no other words necessary…