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Australia*Conner Youngblood

6 Oct

11:41 PM. I have been staring at a Mac since 9:30 this morning. (R.I.P Mr. Jobs) Yet, instead of going straight to bed after 14 hours of “not me time”, I decided to write. Which means more staring at a Mac screen. As I finally rope in all my thoughts covered by the dust and tumbleweed of all the other things whirling around my brain today, its nice to sit down, reflect, and vent to the blogosphere. And what better way to do so then with some good ol’ music. I like to imagine music as a young strapping cowboy, riding along on his mighty horse into the sunset of melting red and orange crayons. Wistfully picking me up on the way, as the wind flys though my hair underneath my headphone headband. Not really though. I just had to tie in my tumbleweed reference above. I’m sure you are starting to see how I work by now. Anywho, It’s been 9 months since Connor Youngblood as strapped on his musical chaps, damnit. And I couldnt wait to get home to download it (some more starting at a Mac). But at this point, I don’t care about the staring. My brain is fried, my retnas burned by the light of a computer screen, but my ears, my ears are grabbing those Wrangler jean belt loops tightly….And that….was my cue to get my ass to bed.

But one more thing (ah the burn, the buuuuurn), go on ahead and LIKE this kid’s Facebook page. Support the indie and show him he is loved. His intricate simplicity paints my sky. Let him sharpie yours…..