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Damn Your Eyes (Etta James Cover)*Alex Clare

29 Sep

Damn your vocal chords. For taking my breath away. For making me want to stay (on repeat). Damn your vocal chords.


Blue Jeans*Lana Del Rey

26 Sep

I’m super picky about female vocals. I mean suuuuper picky. But not cause I am a jealous bitch, I swear. I will be the first to fall head over heels in love with a girl with some pipes. And I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned a million&2 times I am a lover that is far from a hater. So, I have accepted the fact that if I can’t sing, someone has got to. And these are my ears anyways, so I can be picky if I want. That means if you have T&A, I prefer a voice that is cut from a different mold. Katie Perrys and Disney Princesses, dont waste your time on me. My heels are over my head for Miss Lana Del Rey. And its not just cause she put 2pac in her video….I swear.

Shake It Out * Florence + The Machine

19 Sep

Life has been one crazy ride, testing the strength of my magnetic force to keep this roller coaster on track, tossing in loops and spirals of emotions I have and have not experienced before. Loss, love, fear, and accomplishment have followed one after the other, capturing my breath like the wall of air that hits your face at full speed. But somehow, no matter how scared I am, I force myself to sit in the front row. Reminding myself that although the climb up may hinder my view on whats to come, its what lies ahead that will keep my heart beating and the butterflies swarming. Yeah, the initial drop may be sudden, but with hands in the air, it eventually passes, and the laughter (and drool) and freedom will follow me around the bend. Tonight, as I fall asleep, I will remember that waking up tomorrow morning will by my chance to ride that ride one more time, with a fast pass to the front of the line. “It’s always darkest before the dawn…”

On a side note (to sneak in the relevance of music), this song inspired me to write after weeks of silence. Thank you Florence. ❤ You best believe it will be added to my morning wake-up ritual…