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Last Night*Niki and the Dove

9 Aug

I just had a Déjà vu while listening to this song, even though I’m pretty sure it was just released. Weeeeird. As Déjà vus tend to be. Being in the right place at the right time is how I see them (even though I hate where my ass is sitting at this particular moment in time). But, to keep it on the positive, I may hate my ass keeping this here seat warm (with a passion), but I know for a fact I won’t be here forever.

So, my “AtothaA advice while adding a song to the soundtrack of your life” is: When a Déjà vu happens, take note, and let it flow. There is no time for second thoughts, even though, YES, they are f’n weird. Just take it as unexplainable proof that you are on the right track….

PS. Check out my early love for Niki and the Dove over at my guest spot on Dailybeatz. And if it feels as if you have already read it, you are now well educated on the phenomenon…..

Niki and the Dove



2 Aug

When I think of a cocoon, my brain automatically registers the beginning of a change, as I am sure most of your brains do. Unless of course it reminds you of the 80’s movie Cocoon, which in that case, I promise not to judge. But, if there is one thing I think we can all agree upon, it would be the simple fact that life is ever-changing. And whether you see that change as good or bad, I, myself, have come to find that it is a change that is always for the better. The secret to the game is that it’s up to you to roll all up in that change, warm up to it, and transform yourself into whatever you want to be. Once you hit that mentality of life, I promise you, everything else is just butterflies and sunshine….