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The Birds (Pt. 1)*The Weeknd

24 Jun

The time has come for me to break the silence. Question is: Will I break it with the most amazing song ever? Answer: No. I mean, I try really hard to not disappoint, but at this point, my blog-sanity is at stake here. It has been way way too long since my last post. And when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad song in any way. Just saying we all have our guilty pleasures in life. Right? I am the first to admit I do. I.E. I still work out to the entire Femme Fatale album at least 3 times a week. Judge if you want. Just know that these here “guns” that get these fingers to type these posts can pack a mean punch thanks to the cheapest personal trainer ever. Mmmhmmm, Ms. Britney Spears, bitch. So, yeah, I like pleasures that I actually don’t feel guilty about. Cause, WHO CARES. I’ve come to learn that we only get one of these lives (that we can remember at the time). Do what makes YOU happy, like what YOU like, ’cause in the end you will find that when you finally embrace what pleases you instead of grasping on to the guilt of what other people may think of you, those true people who like you for who you are will gravitate towards your world. No matter what fist of pleasures you punch. And that to me, is all that matters.


Sutphin Boulevard*Blood Orange

3 Jun

This song reminds me of Fridays and I like Fridays.

Blood Orange