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Lil Wayne vs. Conner Youngblood

26 May

So, I am a sucka for songs about love, dreamy guitar riffs, and thugs who aren’t afraid to show they love butterflies and rainbows. True, mainstream doesn’t really rear its head into my blog too often, but I like to switch things up a little. Keep it fresh, if you will. I also wanted to take the time to point out that Lil Wheezy’s latest release sounds quite similar to a track already released by an independent artist I happen to adore. So for today’s blog, I will post both songs up in this bitch. Let me know if you hear the similarities. My point? There is a shit load of talent floating underneath the Mainstream wool they got pulled over your eyes that is worth just as much of your time if not more. And as always, I’m rooting for the B team in this situation. They don’t call me Indie A for nuthin….

Lil Wayne-How To Love (The link is down. But you can listen to it here if you like….No pressure)

Conner Youngblood-A Summer Song


Love & Feeling*Chet Faker

17 May

Writer’s block. I’ve gots it. Bad. (Cue Usher song here). But I am learning how to balance it out, considering the fact that I need to write for much more than my blog now. Good thing I was able to discover these 5 simple words: GET UP AND WALK AWAY. It works. Most of the time. I find that if I get up, take a break from whatever it is and come back a couple days later, the words begin to flow like a giant bear stepping on a beaver’s dam. (Yes, I just watched a documentary solely on beavers). And yet sometimes, it’s even simpler than that: GET LOST IN THE MUSIC. (It must be 5 words of wisdom day). Today, I was able to lose myself in my headphones, which honestly, I haven’t done in a minute. Way out of character for me. Trust. But this song got me today. Finally. Reigniting that long lost feeling of love. A love where all you want to do is crawl all up in its bubble, hold it, breath it in, and never let it go. Chet Faker knows exactly what love and feeling I’m talking ’bout. And don’t let the hipster Galifianakis beard fool ya. Love comes with no judgements.

Chet Faker

Check out his cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity. Absolutely dreamy I must say….

Blast Off*Reptar

12 May

I’m pretty sure if I heard this song without seeing this video, my initial reaction would of been, “Eh, its cool”. But there is something about watching a band in full on studio action that shoots me straight to the moon…

One Tiny Thing*8in8

10 May

8 is my favorite number. Why? I don’t know. Just drawn to it in some magical mystical way. Another one of my favorite things is Damian Kulash from OK GO. I am telling you, he is the pot of gold at the end of each and everyone of those treadmills. To be honest, I didn’t even know (or care) about him (or the band) until I dug behind the radio jams on their last album and discovered this funky Prince-esque soul he had been hiding behind all his whiteness. So to no surprise, I fell instantly in love with this song created by the project called 8in8. 8 songs done in 8 hours by Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash. Rad right? Oh but that’s not all…..If you download this song (or album), and I mean LEGALLY PURCHASE, all proceeds go to, a charity which provides kids with every opportunity to recognize and embrace their musical potential. Just one tiny thing I inspire to do with my future. They had me at 8….and then 8 hours….and then Kids. I am sold, to say the least.


Dust Bowl III*Other Lives

4 May

Lack of words will not prevent me from showing my blog some love. Sometimes, its the least amount of words that do the trick. So in this case, the butterflies in my stomach have returned. That is all.

Other Lives