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She Makes Me Feel*Mansions on the Moon

28 Apr

Damn you Auto-tune. DAMN YOU I say. You have infiltrated my blog for the last 2 posts with vocals dripping in your roofie laced elixir. So, damn you. Good thing there is soooo many other elements to this song that prevent you from taking advantage of these “easy” ears…..This feeling of light-headiness is completely normal right?

Mansions On The Moon


House of Balloons*The Weeknd

22 Apr

Contrary to what you may believe, I love more than just banjo laced, heart string tugging, folk songs. Yeah, I do. ‘Cause its kinda hard to choreograph my morning mirror dance to some sweet boy vocals gently caressing my ear drums. So, I need something I can shake this ass to, which in-turn adds a little flava to my music library. Today’s pick isn’t necessarily something to dance to, BUT it falls into a genre that is a little different than what I usually post. I still haven’t figured out if its the choir like vocals that make my “fuck autotune” attitude fall to the waist-side or the unexpected transition to the dirty dirty pole swinging beat that wins me over. Whatever it is, I like it. And that’s all that matters. Plus, you can download the entire album here for free: And to that, I say cheers to The Weeknd!

Mobile Alabama Blues*Grandpa Was A Lion

12 Apr

Here I am. I say, HERE I AM. And I think this has been the longest I have let my blog sit all alone in the vast world of the wide web. So, Ill just get right into it. I was never the girl to dream about marriage, the white picket fence, and the 2.5 children to carry on my hip. I played with dirt, had a pet snail, and recorded myself to tape reading stories from “Where The Sidewalk Ends”. So sometimes I wonder if I will be that old lady who sits at home all alone with my vinyl, mp3s and CDs, typing my 1.3 millionth blog post about the one thing that keeps my heart under lock and key (instead of tending to 1.3 million cats). I am not completely cynical however. I do believe in soul mates. Do I believe that there is just 1 for everyone? Not necessarily. But I do know for a fact that music will always be my one of many. And on days like this particular one, where I find an artist that has an amazing song with just three (yeah 3) views on youtube and a $6 album on bandcamp, I realize that music just might be my one and only. So, ring the bells and throw some rice, ’cause this girl is settling down (for today at least)….