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As Much As I Ever Could-City and Colour

30 Mar

Sometimes I get lost in the sea of craziness we call life and I forget that this here blog is the one thing that keeps me sane. Along with the one thing that gives me the content to write this blog of course. And although I may be MIA on the blog tip, music is never MIA in my ears. I just collect all the songs I want to write about in a jar of playlists, waiting for that one spare moment I find to spill my adoration. This song gives me that moment and then some. Nothing better than being able to put on a song that instantly soothes your soul. So, my advice of the day? When the world gets too loud, too crazy, too busy, too much, take a moment to lose yourself in something you love. The world around you will still be there when you come to.


Ego*Four Tet + Burial + Thom Yorke

24 Mar

Thom Yorke. Hate on him, love on him, do whatever you damn well please. I just appreciate. Yeah, so, sometimes his songs are “eh” and sometimes they blow my mind. But I appreciate a person and their craft, either way. Its just what I do. Cause sometimes, he really is just the icing on the song pie. Like on this sweet pastry of a song I have been munchin’ on all day. Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke. Quite a mouthful. Now, I’m not much into the sweets. But, every once in a while I haaaaave been known to stuff my face. So with that being said, Bon Appetit.


24 Mar

Wanna know a sure way to get me to fall deeply in love at first listen? Two words: Tribal Drums (as well as dobros, harmonies, and bangos. But I wont get into that now. Let’s just say with music, I’m a sure thing). Maybe its the fact that the drums, as a whole, completely blow my mind. The concept of 4 limbs (and in some cases 3) creating a sound and a rhythm you can feel in your bones is way over my head, which does limit my desk and steering wheel drumming skills, but I don’t let that stop my drum solos. And although my brain cannot grasp the concept of doing so many things at once sound amazing, my heart can damn well hold nothing but adoration for the craft. This song I give you now, after exactly a week of blog silence ((thank you for being so patient)), is the first song off the album I just purchased yesterday (better late then never I say). And yup, it was love at first listen. Trust me, this aint no “Wham, bam, Thank You Ma’am” kinda lust. This is the real deal holyfield….

A Summer Song*Conner Youngblood

17 Mar

The chaotic mess of finals is finally over. For now at least. I was thinking though, with all the edumacation that has been shoved into my brain, tell me why I didn’t coin the word Folktronic? ‘Cause seriously, I couldn’t have said it better. I’m pretty sure I may have mentioned in some old blog post that folk and electronic together as one is like the milk to my oreo cookies. And if not, I’m telling you again. Its definitely the bees knees in my ever growing musical cornucopia. So when I came across Conner Youngblood during my two weeks of hair pulling study extravaganzas, I was instantly hooked. Folk and electronic, electronic and folk. In perfect harmony. And this song has definitely done its job in finding a way to harmonize with this crazy whole new world I find myself in. It makes me feel like I am on a boat built of Oreo cookies, floating down the lazy river of milk, with nothing to do but appreciate the world around me. And that is absolute pure bliss. Absolute pure bliss indeed.

Time Go*Caught A Ghost

10 Mar

In this crazy business I decided to hand over the key to my heart to, its not necessarily what you know, but who you know. In other words, my current schooling its not just to fill this skull with information I will be able to reference in my future but to make some lifelong connections to help guide me to the places I want to be. Welcome to the jungle, they say. Welcome to the freakin’ jungle. The coolest part about this jungle though, is finding a connection with people who love the same thing you do, just as much as you do. A tribe of music lovers, hunting for survival, ready to help mend this broken industry we call music. We all speak this language. Some speak in hip-hop, some in folk, some in rock and some in metal, yet somehow its all understood. We teach each other lyrics that we might have never even thought to learn. And I love it. Today, I was randomly sent a blog to check out. If it wasn’t for that friend who wanted me to understand the language they spoke, I might have never stumbled across this song Ive had on repeat for hours. A small project put together by some Los Angeles natives who go by the name of Caught The Ghost. So welcome to the jungle. Where there are trillions of songs swimming in the deep dark sea of the world wide web. My plan of attack? The more hooks I add to my line, the more food I have for survival. So in the language of the great Axl Rose (and Slash) , “In the jungle where we play. If you got a hunger for what you see. You’ll take it eventually. You can have anything you want.” I do believe it couldn’t have been spoken any more clearly…

Draw Your Swords*Angus & Julia Stone

8 Mar

Angus & Julia Stone have been stalking me. Ok. Not really. You can probably call me the stalker actually, since I have been truly, madly, deeply in love with them since I saw them in Venice almost a year ago. Honest to blog, it was one of the most amazing shows I have seen in my entire show going life. So, you know how once you become consciously aware of someone or something, from that moment on, you will forever notice their presence when least expected? Well, it’s been happening with them since I heard them for the first time. So in all actuality, they are the ones who have been following me around. With no exaggeration, they appear in my world in some random form at least once a week. And to prove I’m crazy but not overly crazy, last week, Angus casually strolled into my favorite random study spots to grab a coffee and today, I found the only physical form of a captured moment from that magical night in Venice floating around the sea of interwebs. I might be a tiny speck in the pic but my perma-grin is so big you can still make it out. Sometimes we can paint an imaginary world with pictures, however this one speaks nothing but pure and honest truth. I am consciously aware that music feeds my soul….

This Love Is Over*Ray Lamontagne

6 Mar

Sunday afternoon post? WHAAAT? Yeah, same shit, different day. The only thing different from yesterdays scenario is that I am sitting at a table under the disco ball and not being engulfed by cushions on one of the many old couches lining the walls. You would think I would get more work done sitting in the upright position. But, no. My brain still breaks after numerous hours of homework. It’s ok though cause thanks to sweet baby jesus, I am being serenaded by the voice of an angel while I try to repair this squiggly shiny mess inside this skull of mine. And even though my brain may not be the most reliable, I will leave you with these words of musical listening suggestion. Pay close attention to 1:22 for a whisper that has sent me straight to heaven. No matter what sins I play…