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*ROBOTANISTS does RADIOHEAD: The King of Limbs [In 24 Hours]*

28 Feb

Soundtracks to our lives. We all have them. An album or two that you can throw on and step directly into the time machine of life. Traveling back to your favorite summer or a horrible break up or just a damn good time of your life. I have a lot these free tickets for a ride on my so called time machine and the playlist keeps growing and growing. This weekends endless listens of the Mimicking Birds album, my late but perfectly timed appreciation for Arcade Fire, and the new Radiohead (hate it or love it) have become an advanced ticket purchase for a time travel journey in about a year from now. However, I might scalp my Radiohead ticket for something pretty amazing I stumbled across this morning. A cover of the latest Radiohead album recorded in 24 hours by the Robotanists. Its simple, dreamy and done in just 24 hours of the Saturday release of King of Limbs. Nothing against Radiohead at all. Good news is, I am slightly obsessed with time travel, so I’ll probably just add them both to my itinerary.



23 Feb

Yeah, so, I’ve been MIA for a minute. Wish I could give you some cool excuse, like….”Pardon my absence, I was dancing with the devil.” But unfortunately, Ive got nothing of the sorts. Just some serious writers block and lack of inspiration. Not cool sounding at all. I just couldn’t go another day without another post. It’s wrong. So as a representation of what I imagine my dance with the devil would be like, I give you something a little messy, a little dirty, a little all over the place, and at the same time pieced together perfectly. I’d like to think I’ve got an angel on my shoulder and a devil in my head. So, pardon my interruption, Angel, but may I have this dance with the Devil?…

Burning Stars*Mimicking Birds

11 Feb

What makes sitting in traffic on your way to a bitter pants invested DMV totally worth it? This song does. This song right here. Windows down, volume at max and my heart has been won. See, in my world, one simple song can remind me to just breath. ‘Cause I dont know where my future lies nor do I have any set plans, all I know is that this song at this moment makes me happy. Keep it simple. ‘Cause after all, all we are are burning stars and what happens, we’ll see…..
14 Burning Stars_Mimicking Birds by NotesbySpark

*Sound The Alarm*-Stained Glass*Thomas Kivi

10 Feb

So, Ive been talking about doing this little diddy on my blog for a while now and today its gonna happen. I don’t know about you, but I wake up with music on the brain. Sometimes its a random song and sometimes its the song I listened to 102 times the day before. Yeah, that would be the obvious reason to have one stuck in your brain. Whatever the reason though, it happens. Every morning. Which is why I decided to start this here Sound The Alarm post. Just to give you another beat to the crazy rhythm of madness I call my brain. Now I’m not sure if you noticed, but I’ve been on the Folky tip lately. It sings me to sleep (I literally fall asleep with headphones on) and apparently, wakes me from my dreams. Making it the opposite of a rude awakening and the first alarm in history I wont hit snooze on 1000 times before rolling outta bed…
Thomas Kivi – Stained Glass by Greater Than Media

New Beginning*Pascal Pinon

7 Feb

To me, new beginnings start every morning you roll your ass outta bed. It’s a new day and a fresh start from yesterday. One more chance to go out and take over the world. And if I just made you barf in your mouth a little from all my positivity on a Monday, point your fingers at these beautifully awkward Icelandic 16 year olds for steering me down the path of Carpe Diem.

“But seeing things a positive way, Is making me feel like it’s OK, So I’m gonna enjoy the day…”

Someone Like You*Adele (Live In Her Home)

4 Feb

A voice. A microphone. A piano. And a living room. Gross. In the most amazing way possible.

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

No Harm*The Boxer Rebellion

1 Feb

You know that song that just hits you on a first listen? There is no second try or third times a charm, it just plucks the right heart strings at that perfect moment and warrants the repeat button numerous times during the day. Yeah, that just happened. I expect to have these goosebumps all day….

PS. You can download the track for the low price of your email here….