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Satellite*The Kills

31 Jan

Today, The Kills released a new single and MY today became that much better. ‘Cause if you didn’t already know, I am in l.o.v.e with Alison. And love has the power to completely turn your day around in the flutter of a heartbeat or in my case, the vibration of my ossicles
The Kills – Satellite by DominoRecordCo


White Sea

27 Jan

Last night, after a heart stealing show at the Roxy and much needed soul searching conversations, I came to the realization that moving to LA was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. Ups and downs, ins and outs, I am thriving on this life that wakes me every morning in a town where this passion I hold is fueled daily, if not hourly. And how appropriate to wake up to the discovery of a bad ass local band that happens to be playing at The Echo tonight. Have I mentioned I love this town. No? Well, I LOVE THIS TOWN.

White Sea: Cannibal Love by La 3e heure!
White Sea – Ladykiller by justinstrange

Do What You Like*Bad Boy Bill

25 Jan

Ok. So, why is it when we are down in the dumps we immediately go for the sad, cry me a river tunes? Is there a reason we love to torture ourselves??? I mean, I get it, we want our pain to be understood but why in the hell wouldn’t we want something to pull us out of the funk instead of being the hand to button up our sad pants. Right? To be completely honest with you, my week has been far from rainbows and unicorns and I am totally guilty of playing the tiny violins for myself. BUT, I made a conscious decision to change that and instead of wallowing in my own sorrow, I’m just gonna let this song be the Superman to pull me from the rubble of a destruction. So far, it’s working…

Hearts A Mess ♥ Gotye

21 Jan

Ill admit to it. My hearts a mess. A beautiful mess if you will. You wanna know why? ‘Cause just when I think I can’t fall any deeper in love, along comes something like this that totally captivates my soul. And every time that something new comes along, I brace myself in preparation for a full on heart explosion. Because seriously, how do I have enough room in that muscle of love for all this swooning? Actually, I don’t even question it anymore. I just let this oversized heart of mine do what it does best and love till its content. Which apparently it will never be. But I don’t see anything wrong with that, right? ‘Cause according to Captain and Tennille, love will keep me together. So, I think I’m pretty safe from falling apart anytime soon.
Gotye – Hearts A Mess by katrinpi

Here We Never Die*Sister Crayon

20 Jan

I’ve already shared this song through my other outlet of verbal vomit over at dailybeatz but I am so in love with it (and the band) that I am ok with sloppy seconds. I guess what they say is true, you will do anything for love.
01 Here We Never Die by Sister Crayon

All Of This*Naked and Famous

19 Jan

Ah life. No one has a manual with all the answers. Wouldn’t that be rad though. At this point, I would pay someone 1k trillion dollars (in payments) to get my hands on that gem. But instead we just go off the lessons learned. Well, the smart ones do at least. We collide into walls, dust ourselves off and start all over again. Its actually quite amazing if you think about it. Have you ever taken a moment to pat yourself on the back for having the amazing stamina to make it as far as you did today? Well, you should. I forget sometimes too. Which is why I have this tattoo of waves on my wrist, to remind me how beautiful life can be when you just let it flow. So take a deep breath and let it all go. We don’t always need the answers, just the experiences that fall into place. Ill spare you the rest of my deep thoughts for the day and send you on the path to the song that has pieced its way into my daily puzzle. The Naked and Famous – All Of This by fx2music

Beautiful Night*Lemolo

17 Jan

So, I had this shirt in high school that read “Girls Kick Ass”. I wore it to school one day and was kicked out of Home Ec because my teacher was offended. Figures. But come on, I was only stating the obvious. And she was probably just bitter because she knew she couldn’t turn me into Sally Homemaker. (Queue in Ne-Yo Miss Independent theme song here). Anywho, I just discovered these lovely ladies today and I am already smitten. Not only did they have me reminiscing of one of the few funny high school stories I actually remember but they have literally kicked my ass to pure bliss and back. So to the ladies who make up Lemolo, thank you for killing two birds with one stone, only strengthening my argument that girls really do kick ass.