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Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover)-Ray LaMontagne

23 Nov

The crazy days begin here and now. Turkeys, Santa Clauses, and Dreidels. What a perfect time to move by blog over!!!! Not. So don’t be mad if you if you start to see longer periods of time between my posts. I am in no way trying to stop the rhythm to my madness. I am simply trying to transition to my own domain. (Maybe “simply” isn’t the right word to use). But yeah, a paid for space on the world wide web to call my own. I’m going for the gold. Bloggerific. So even between the eating and the shopping and the trying to figure out this dang HTML crap I will keep you guys entertained as much as possible. ‘Cause I appreciate all of you, more than you know. Even more than I appreciate this mans voice. And that is sayin’ a lot. Ray Lamontagne – Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) by bohovisionist
“I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place…”


Rolling In The Deep*Adele

18 Nov

Good lord I love music. And this is why. Amazing lyrics, gorgeous voice, and a beautiful arrangement. Pure heart and soul is all I can ever ask for. Can I get an amen? A-muthafn-men!

Chan Chan*Buena Vista Social Club

17 Nov

A classmate of mine played a Buena Vista Social Club version of Coldplay’s Clocks in class last night and it automatically triggered the card catalog of music in my brain. Dewey Decimal system engaged, I remembered a song that has been held close to my heart for forever and a day. Im going with 10 years or more. Yeah, a long time. So I decided to rekindle the flame of this timeless love. Thing is, it may have been a minute since the last time this song whispered sweet nothings in my ear but we all know it is beyond impossible to forget such a beauty who has the power to intoxicate your entire soul….
Chan Chan – Buena Vista Social Club by Olliewilliams

Stay The Same*The Shoes

17 Nov

Goooooood morning and what a good morning it is (hence the mutiple O’s). I know I’ve been M.I.A on the blog tip for a minute (life has been crazy, crazy), so I kinda wanted to come back with a bang. And actually, I gotta give thanks to my friend over at dailybeatz for this one ’cause Ive played it 3 times in the past 10 minutes. Always a good sign in the musical library of AtothaA. And even though the lyrics may seem a little depressing (cause no day feels the same in my life at the moment), the overall vibe actually injects a little pep in my step….or a shimmy in my shoulder. ‘Cause that’s how I roll at my desk….Which, on a side note: A reader of one of my guest posts on another blog didn’t believe that I actually dance around my house and/or office chair and demanded I post a youtube of my own personal dance dance revolution. At this rate, I might have to throw in the good ol’: “Be careful what you wish for”…..

Emily Wells*Juicy (Notorious B.I.G. cover)

12 Nov

I admit. I was extreeeeemly skeptical to even push the play button on this one. But if I have learned anything at all, I would have to say this: Listen to something at least once (or the first thirty seconds at least) before passing any judgment. You never know what you may be passing up. In this case, Emily Wells gives me good and plenty. Its eerie, simple and out of the norm. Three of my favorite enchanting characteristics throwing my skepticism out the window. And if you don’t know, now you know. Lesson learned.

Lilja*Rocco DeLuca & The Burden

9 Nov

Sultry, seductive, and deemed one of the sexiest songs in my library. I don’t want to bog you down with words. They aren’t necessary….

Ghosting*Freelance Whales

9 Nov

With every new person I meet, the more music I learn. A fair trade. I’ll burn you this album I absolutely adore, you burn me that album that you cant live without. And later we can talk about the new songs we just discovered for hours on end. Which happen to be my favorite conversations in the world. The conversations where the hours feel like seconds and time flies on the melodies that will soon be added to the soundtrack of my life. So, I have been studying my ass off for midterms this week and found that having chill tunes to zone out to actually helps me rather than distracts me. Guess that kinda explains my recent obsession with airy acoustic guitar strumming, gorgeous harmonizing vocals and lyrics that will melt the heart of the hardest convict. After 2 days of Bon Iver on repeat (the ultimate study buddy might I add), I was invited to dive deeper into a genre I am slightly familiar with and was introduced to Freelance Whales. Instantly, my heart and soul were captured, mesmerized by each song I heard. And although I am currently consumed by midterm anxieties and an annoying ass boss (I wont go there), I can place these headphones on my head and zone out, paying the least bit attention to the negative surroundings that rush past me. Lets just say this soul of mine is easily pleased. Especially when given the gift of a beautiful tune or two…
Freelance Whales – Ghosting by BestNewBandscom