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Lost In The World*Kayne West

30 Sep

Kayne, Kayne, Kayne. It’s really a love/hate with you isn’t it? I can hate on you alllll day long and then you go and do something like this. AND TOTALLLLY redeem yourself….I cant deny your creativity. I really cant. And its not fair to judge your music because of your inflated egotistical conceited pompous ass (I can keep going)…..So, in order to embrace the positive instead of infesting the negative, I give you props for this beautiful Daft Punk, Florence and the Machine-like creation. Its like being lost in the world of heaven and hell. We all know we want aspects of both.
Lost In The World-Kanye West by AtothaA


Wear and Tear*Foals

29 Sep

I apologize now for the oversaturation of the Foals on my blog (the most insincere apology of my life) but today, thanks to google alerts, a gift magically traveled though the mysterious roads of the world wide web and straight into my inbox. A track not included on the last album that I couldn’t resist sharing with the rest of the world (or my small circle of followers to be more down to earth about it). And apparently they couldn’t either, cause they made it available for a free download. Do they know how good they are at keeping this groupie heart happy??? Yeah, they probably do.
Wear and Tear-Foals by AtothaA
Click the image for access to the freeness….

One (Your Name) [Swedish House Mafia Cover]*Foals

27 Sep

Who can take an extremely annoying house song and cover it with amazingness? And not only cover it, BUT cover it LIVE at the BBC? The Foals can. Yeah, The Foals. Whom I can’t even explain how much I adore. But to give you a crumb from the piece of my obsession pie, I will tell you this: Today, I set a google alert to receive any and all internet updates on them. A technology breakthrough in being the most savvy groupie of this generation. Just a mere crumb though….Cause you better believe I was signed on to Ticketmaster at 10 am to insure tickets were purchased for the night they grace LA with their presence of talent. Which happens to be the eve of my day o’ birth might I add. Last year I rang in my birthday with a surprise hangout with Dave Chappelle and this year, my favorite band. I like this tradition. Really, really like this tradition.
SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA ft. PHARRELL – ONE (YOUR NAME) [FOALS COVER] by officialswedishhousemafia

Piece of Me (Britney Spears Cover)*Tricky ft. Franky Riley

24 Sep

Its Tricky, Bitch. Leave it up to this guy to add eerie violins and dirty, sexy vocals to a Britney Spears cover. Toxic….And I mean that in a good way. Like “dirty dancin with a snake when you were in your prime” toxic…
Piece of Me-Tricky (Britney Spears Cover) by AtothaA

Somebody To Love Me*Mark Ronson ft.Boy George & Andrew Wyatt

23 Sep

Yup, I did just say Boy George and Andrew Wyatt (my favorite one third of Miike Snow). Which makes it good enough for me to post. Yeah yeah, the song is definitely gonna take some time to grow on me, but again, Boy George and Andrew Wyatt. Need I say more? Ok. I will say one more thing. Andrew can sing anything his Swedish heart desires, even Laffy Taffy if he damn well pleases, and I will still melt into a giant puddle of groupie love.
Somebody to Love Me-Mark Ronson ft. Boy George and Miike Snow by AtothaA


22 Sep

HOLY CRAP. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE kids. And not just the talented ones. I swear. (Although, it does aid in the loving emotion just a tad). Now, I’m probably way late on being awe struck by this “youtube sensation”, but it is waaaaay too amazing to not keep the views of this video climbing. Artist support. That is what I am here for.

Listen to the original too. Just so you are able to get the full effect of the amazingness coming out of these adorable tiny human beings….
Lisztomania – Phoenix by zendritic

On*Bloc Party

22 Sep

Thank you Kele. Thank you for kicking ass last night and reviving my faith in your solo album. Yes, it helped that you surprised the crowd by playing a Bloc Party medley, but still. I love you and will always be your #1 Groupie. Por Vida. So, in honor of you honoring your roots last night, I am posting the first Bloc Party song I ever heard. It was love at first listen and I have never looked back.
On-Bloc Party by AtothaA