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Aloe Blacc & The Grand Scheme*Billie Jean*

30 Aug

Not many can cover a MJ song in an attempt to create a masterpiece from a masterpiece without failing. You definitely need the balls to even try. Hoooowwver, this interpretation of a great has made me change my mind on that opinion (slightly). Because this cover of Billie Jean is quite mesmerizing. Just as MJ was. And I can totally appreciate that….


Oh Land*Perfection*

30 Aug

So, I’ve had this song on repeat pretty much all day. With every synth, note and lyric that hits my eardrums, I feel like I am falling down a rabbit hole. Down, down, down to a whole other whimsical world. A perfect imagination exercise for a typical Monday. So, go ahead and fall, fall, fall away….
Perfection by OhLand

.Oh Land.

DIOYY-We Are The Dead

26 Aug

Just yesterday a new track from Does It Offend You, Yeah? was posted for a free download. Which means a new album is in store for the future. Finnnaaaaallly. I find this kinda eerie though cause just yesterday I dusted off the MP3 files and listened to their one and only album. Its almost like my special powers secretly channeled them. Super Fan Powers that is. And even though it took a couple listens it has kinda grown on me. It starts off with a vibe you might not expect from the usually dirty, synthy, loud ass band. But no need to be offended. Their signature synths are soon to follow along with some Rammstein-Du Hust like chants. So I think it is safe to say this fan is definitely not yet offended but it does take quite a lot to conquer that feat….
We Are The Dead by Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Heavenly Bears….

25 Aug

I have to give credit when its due. Especially when that credit is going towards My #1 fan who happens to be the one who turned me onto Bear In Heaven. And although his obsession may be a little more groupie than mine. We can still share a likeness for them…
Bear In Heaven – ‘Ultimate Satisfaction (Home Video Remix)’ by Tim Chester NME
Even if we didnt agree, this remix would of been enough to get me to take some time to listen.

“There is no better form of relief than that certain knowledge you’re getting what you deserve. Makes my heart flutter with the spasm of my nerves”


24 Aug

It still inhabits this planet. Thank god.

PS. This enchanting beauty is only 20…

Standing up for what you believe in…

20 Aug

So, Im gonna stray away from posting a song for a second because I think this video is rad. It still has a little bit of a musical essence sprinkled on top so I’m not straying too far off topic. I ADMIRE people who are loud and proud for what they believe in and this act of protest was perfect in every way. A live band performing a revamped Depeche Mode classic all in one Target Store. The reactions of the actual shoppers is what really sealed the deal for me. Just once voice can make a difference……

I blame it on the illusions…

20 Aug

Alright. If you clicked on my last link, you would know that:


(I’m giving you a chance to be on the same wavelength. Take it or leave it)
“Since Mercury rules communication, it’s said that everything goes haywire in that area — emails get deleted or bounced back, mail is returned, calls go out into the ethers, etc.” So, I am using this as an excuse for my wrongness and retracting my statement a couple blog entries ago about La Roux’s In For the Kill having too many remixes.

“Mercury retrograde gives us time to catch up with ourselves, and to look back.” And this is me…looking back….and admitting….I WAS WRONG. This remix was posted this morning by Glitch Mob. The original song is one of my favs off their album and they mashed it up with In For the Kill. And I like it…ok…I LIKE IT.

Thanks Mercury. Thanks a lot.